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2024-03-28 The Spritual Cheeseburger Pilgrimage

2024-03-27 Discovering Hope through Software Business Bullshit

2024-03-26 On Boomerism

2024-03-25 Toward a Anarchist Philosophy of Techonlogy

2023-10-11 A Catholic's Book of Shadows

2023-08-24 Book Roulette

2023-03-20 Complexs and Complexity, Or Why Granny needs a 4096 to do her taxes

2023-01-06 New Year New Proxy

2022-11-15 September's Children

2022-10-16 An AMA of Sorts

2022-10-11 Storming Hogwarts

2022-10-02 Terminal Strange Love

2022-09-13 What have we lost?

2022-08-30 April-August Status update

2022-05-08 More 90s Web Programming Abominations

2022-05-03 Let's Create a 90s Web Programming Abomination Using Modern Technology

2022-02-13 Status Update January-February 2022

2022-02-06 In the Bleak Midwinter

2022-02-04 Prioritizing Freedoms

2022-01-29 Accessibility On Linux Part 1: Introducing vsss

2022-01-16 On Accessibility for Linux Part 0 Computing while Disabled

2020-12-22 Techno ethics Part I Introduction:

2020-12-21 Switching to Fedora

2020-07-19 Hello world!

2019-11-27 My first post

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