I hear it be the fashion among young, hip open source professionals to post status updates on their blogs, every month. So I thought I'd try it for myself.

Accessibility Work

The main thrust of my a11y work this month has been to get my rather obscure custom reader program vsss into a state where other people who are not me can use it. You can download the patched version from both Github and SourceHut now. The documentation still needs work and I'll be getting there shortly. So Watch out for that in coming weeks.

I created a new mailing list called disabled-linuxing for peer support of users with unconventional assistive tech needs. Go subscribe I hate talking to myself in public.

I've also been testing the latest distro releases well Debian, and Fedora at any rate for compatibility with the good olde MATE+Compiz accessibility setup that I've used since 2009, and results have been. Let's call it mixed. Look for that document in the coming days.

Lastly I'm working on a document on how to upgrade from Fedora 33 to a release using pipewire. In the case you are still dependent on a Software Speech Synthesizer named after a bird.

Mental Health Outreach

I completed my first foray into this by posting about my experience with depression or bipolar depression in a technical setting. I am unsure how to follow it up without trauma dumping on my audience. Any Ideas hit me up in the usual places,

New Project

I started another new project this month. I know i should finish MasterText. But it's just not gelling for me at the moment so I decided to put it aside and work on something else for a bit. Over in my staging area you'll find rabbitears an IRC client module for python.

Finding Home?

I've wanted to find a Linux distro to contribute to again, but things just won't come together on that front. I've looked at Fedora, and Alpine and all the community there is lovely, but i just don't see what i'd do there anymore. Anyone know of any small upstreams that could use a neurodivergent developer with a little bit of rust on the skill set.

Other Writing

Other than the above mentioned writings. I have a couple of church projects still ongoing, and my semi-annual attempt at fiction.


Thanks to all the people who have been so supportive as I get my feet back under me in the open source/tech world. Couldn't be doing any of this without the tildeverse and associated communities . Love all you lovely people.