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Matt Arnold a/k/a Piusbird

Software Artist

A Brown owl at a computer surrounded by the demisexual pride colors

In the year 202X THE INTERNET, and THE COMPUTER REVOLUTION have strayed far from the ideals which formed it Instead of creating a world in which all people could get ahead Regardless of background, or birth. Where the free flow of information would ensure Truth, and Justice would reign supreme. Global Megacorperations, and cynical opportunists have perverted the systems that were meant to ensure freedom, opportunity, truth, and unity into the most powerful system of oppression and division yet known to humanity. The tools exist to FIGHT BACK, but THE RESISTANCE is disorganized and weak. Some have even been co-opted by the FORCES OF DARKNESS, only seeing technology as a means to secure ECONOMIC PROSPERITY.

If the ideals of the revolution are to TRIUMPH, people must see the digital world as something more than the corporate services, and MARKETPLACE of IDEAS. We must see the digital world as a HOME so that we may FIGHT to PROTECT IT.

But a house is NO HOME without JOY within it.

Thus my mission To Explore Strange and Unfamiliar corners of the INTERNET To seek out emerging forms of ART AND EXPRESSION. To EDUCATE MY FELLOW humans in the Craft of Computing To Bring Joy and Delight back into our Digital Lives


Hi I’m Matt Arnold, known online as Piusbird an independent creator, and freelance software engineer. Living with Cerbral Palsy, Autism, and mental health issues. Welcome to my website.

He who dreams and works

Selected Projects

[vsss]:https://git.sr.ht/~marnold128/vsss A Very simple text to speech orchestrator

[bsigs]:https://git.sr.ht/~marnold128/bsigs Cryptographic Practice

[MasterText]:https://git.sr.ht/~marnold128/mastertext A web based Content Addressable medium corpus text analysis suite

[Blue Proxy]:https://bp.piusbird.space | [git]:https://git.sr.ht/~marnold128/poseidon A Readability Proxy

[This Site]:https://github.com/piusbird/dragonsroost The Engine and Templates for this site

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