I've had a bad day creatively, but I made a promise to myself I would make something every Saturday. No matter how bad it was. This is cheating a bit, but here are answers to ten questions. My current cast of Characters will take turns asking them.

Sure you bet it is. Only I thought I'd give the subscribers more content this go around.

It's an experimental Wordpress plugin, for Conversational writing with Characters. In the style of Xe . It will of course be open source eventually, but right now the PHP is kind of horrifying. And it depends on a Freeium plugin that i don't like very much so I'm holding back on publication for now. It won't come out for real before the middle of 2023.

Code Geass the 2006-07 series, Not the Movie remakes. Although Resurrection was good. I also am a fan of everything CLAMP ever made.

I am generally slow at consuming TV, I think it's an ADHD thing. So the answer is likely no.

Those are different provided I watch them in theaters/with someone else in the room. My favorites are in order of release. The Cain Mutiny, Anatomy of a Murderer, Superman Red Son, and The Deer King

I'm a Progressive Roman Catholic, which means I am Christian. Why because I have found. That the Catholic Expression of God is the one closest to my experience. It's not a perfect fit, by any means. For example i find the Vatican's approach to LGBT issues to be barbaric at best. But a God who made the human race for the joy, and love of creation . Who is constantly present to their people through many means is a story I really think is just about as close to the truth as we, are likely to get on such matters.

Python all the way. I'm also excited about Rust, but i don't get to use it nearly as much as I would like

It's still evolving and I wrote at length about it on facebook in a post i cannot find anymore. So here it goes again...

I tend to think that 50% of Creativity is just getting your butt in the chair, consistently, and in a distraction free way. Which is not easy. I try to give myself at least 1 hour of solid creative time a day usually late night or early morning before sunrise.

The other 50% consists of 20% Idea farming, and 30% execution.

Idea farming is basically systematically coming up with ideas, and then writing them down. An idea is worth nothing if you don't put it somewhere permanent. You get ideas by asking yourself Questions. Such as

What if America (USA) had a monarchy?

What if we Teraformed Europa?

As a result of the Trinity Nuclear Tests Magic was discovered in 1945. What happens next.

These questions sometimes, have answers that will be immedatly obvious, sometimes require research. Sometimes they result in more questions. I have code names for the whole thing. For example the Code words Alas Victoria. Points to one of my variations on the American Monarchy idea. So if i run across it in one of my notebooks or whatever. I know it's research or drabbles related to that project.

I'm still in the process of centralizing all my notes and stuff

But back to idea farming I generally do this in the pool at YMCA. For various reasons I can't use devices going to or coming home from the Y and it's a 20 minute drive each way. So i figure if the idea survives the two hour journey from the pool to my notes. It's an idea worth exploring

Video and Music ideas work similarly

Execution is just shaping the raw idea into a form i like, how i do that is complicated, and is a post in itself.

That's a two for one but ok.

Easiest part is coming up with ideas. I have like dozens when in the pool, and a few bonus ones when not. Hardest part is finding distraction free time to execute. Because of my ADHD, I need like several hours, and staying focused on one idea is hard. I haven't been able to video edit in awhile because of this.

I'll admit to being a bit vein here, but when 100 or 3000 people see my work. And it brings them joy, or makes them think. I feel like on that basis alone I've made the world a better place.

So That's ten questions about me, dear reader, I hope you learned as much in the reading as I did Writing it.


Matt/Pius and the Creature Crew