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Hello world!


Hello and welcome everyone to my new  home on the web. that sounded so 90s just then; anyway for those of you that didn't know I am  Matt Arnold a 30-something software engineer, living with multiple disabilities both visible and invisible. if you want my slightly more formal website https://marnold.org Is the place to go for that. this is a website primarily for posting extended Facebook rants, early drafts of stuff that will eventually go on my professional website and other fun stuff that I am still in the process of developing.For now my  pgp key is 92394662BC038F2F67CD10D5B47240EE0C7119B7

Have Thoughts?

Do you have comments on one of my posts? I would love to hear from you. Please send email to my public inbox. Or Toot at me over on Mastodon. I'm @piusbird@tilde.zone

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