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A proud History of Never Shutting My Mouth

Self Advocacy, and Me

A fox boy wonders away from the party to be by himself

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that any disabled person in possession of high ambitions had better be in want of a big mouth. For however little they desire the role. They become ambassadors, ambassadors and activists of a sort. Not only standing up for their own rights as they must but also representing the whole community with the precedence they set and the actions they take. I have struggled in this unwanted activist role for most of my adult life. For a while I viewed it as nothing special. Wouldn't other people advocate for themselves if there right to live the way they wanted was constantly under challenge and threat. Simultaneously I was ashamed of the lengths I had to go to to secure my basic needs, and broader desires. However lately I have decided that this role as an activist, even if only on behalf of myself, deserves to be celebrated. My accomplishments in this sphere deserve to be acknowledged, just as much as my technical or writing successes. Thus this page is dedicated to chronicling my victories in the field of disability rights self advocacy.


We will start with my late high school and early college years, because that is the first time I didn't have my mother looking over my shoulder and smoothing things over.


I took about eighteen months off, to take care of some mental and physical health issues and to be fitted for a wheelchair. But I still was active during this time.



these years are sort of lost in my self advocacy journey because I was so preoccupied with securing housing and meaning other basic life needs, as well as confronting the stark realities of being a disabled person in the job market. Consequently I did not have time for anything but the bare minimum of self advocacy to ensure survival. That turns out to be still quite a lot of advocacy. But this is nothing I am comfortable sharing. Other than speaking in a few panels and conventions.


In terms of self advocacy these have been my growth years, and let's hope the growth never stops.

My main nontechnical advocacy has been through church. Where I help coordinate accessibility measures and occasionally speak to groups of parishioners on disability issues. This could be a whole section in itself and maybe it will be someday soon, but for now I will show the thing I am most proud of.


it's hard to believe, but that's fifteen years of my life as a self advocate summarized as briefly as I can. This page will grow over time

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